Personal Data Protection Charter

ViaMichelin undertakes to strictly comply with current legislation in order to protect the privacy of its users. ViaMichelin has filed the statements relating to the collection and processing of your personal data with the French Data Protection Agency (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) under registration number 791321.
1. Nature of the data collected

The term “Personal Data” means all specific data relating to you as a physical person, which you voluntarily provide us when you open an account on to access our personalised services.
The term “Electronic Identification Data” means all the data collected by us within the scope of your navigation and which, in whatever way, allows us to identify your computer terminal or the pages consulted on our site during your visit. This data is used either to authorise a personalised session (for example to ensure that you are the person authorised to consult an email account or access a specific service) or for commercial purposes (circulation of advertising banners personalised in function of your browsing or your interests), or to enable us to put in place security measures (to avoid third party access to your account or to identify abusive use).
2. Purpose of data collection
ViaMichelin collects data when you open an account on ViaMichelin website, when you use certain products and services, when you browse the pages of the ViaMichelin websites and when you participate in offers or competitions.
ViaMichelin may also receive personal data relating to you from its business partners, who must guarantee that they are authorised to transfer such data to us.
2.1      Opening a personal account on ViaMichelin
When you register for a ViaMichelin service, My ViaMichelin, ViaMichelin Local or any other service on the site, you are invited to complete a registration form containing different Personal Data. In accordance with the current legislation, this form indicates the data required in order to register, as well as optional data. This data allows us to (i) optimise your use of these services and (ii) comply with the legal identification obligations for internet sites.
User names and passwords chosen by you when you register, or modified later by you, are personal to you. This data is strictly confidential. In so far as you communicate these to a third party, you remain solely responsible for the use which may be made thereof. ViaMichelin will not accept liability for third party use of user names or passwords.
2.2      Exchange of emails
The personal information provided when you send an e-mail is used for the purpose of complying with your request.
2.3      Cookies
Our website has been designed to meet your needs. It uses cookies.
A cookie is a small block of data sent to your browser by a web server which then installs it on your computer’s hard drive. It contains data such as key words, pages visited etc... and a unique random number which identifies your computer electronically.
It generally records information concerning your computer’s navigation on our website (the pages you have visited, date and time of visit, etc.), which we can read the next time you visit our site. As an example, this means that you will not have to complete another “My ViaMichelin” registration form on subsequent visits in order to benefit from our personalised services.
These cookies facilitate your browsing of the site, and consultation of web pages. In particular, if you are registered with My ViaMichelin, they identify you when you return to the site and allow you to go directly to your personal account.
Please note that we cannot guarantee that the services made available to you on our website will operate correctly if the configuration of your browser blocks the registration of cookies.
ViaMichelin does not share its cookies with third party sites.
Configuration of your browser in relation to cookies
You may configure your browser so that it systematically accepts or refuses cookies sent by sites which you have consulted, or to receive a message which informs you of their reception and which asks you each time if you wish to accept them or not.
For more information, at this link you will also find a description of the configuration of the main browsers in use on the internet. Please note that the activation of cookies allows you to make full use of the numerous services and products available on our site. We advise you therefore to leave the cookies active in order to benefit fully from your ViaMichelin browsing experience.
2.4      Ad servers
We authorise partner companies or « ad servers» to advertise on our pages. These companies may send their own cookies to your computer, as if you had visited a web page on their site.
When you access websites advertising on ViaMichelin by clicking on their banners, or simply by viewing these advertising banners while browsing the pages of our site, other cookies may be placed on your hard disk by the companies circulating these advertisements. ViaMichelin has no access to or control over these cookies or other features which these companies may use.
Please note that it is possible at any time to accept or refuse to install a cookie on your computer terminal in order to avoid targeted advertising. In this case, the advertising banners displayed on the ViaMichelin sites will be standardised banners.
Our Internet site uses several ad servers to display the advertisements visible on the site.
To find out more about the use of cookies, information collection practices and procedures to unsubscribe from AdLINK, click here
In order to use this service, it is necessary to install an “orangeads” cookie on your internet connection terminal when browsing the ViaMichelin site.
These orangeads cookies contain a “User ID”. This “User ID” is a unique coded number which contains only anonymous data. It is randomly and anonymously allocated by the orangeads server. It enables the identification of pages consulted by you as you browse ViaMichelin website.
Thanks to information concerning your browsing habits collected each time you visit ViaMichelin website, your «navigation profile» is established taking into account (i) the topic of the pages visited; (ii) the frequency of the pages visited at each connection; and (iii) key words which you have typed in the search boxes on the portal and advertisements you have shown interest in.
When setting up your « navigation profile », the orangeads server can therefore optimise the relevance of the advertising banners on the ViaMichelin website by displaying targeted advertisements which correspond more to your navigation profile than standard advertisements.
The orangeads cookie is installed or updated on the hard disk of your terminal each time you connect to ViaMichelin. In the event of non-connection to ViaMichelin website for sixty (60) consecutive days this cookie is automatically deleted from your terminal.
Please note that the navigation data gathered via the orangeads cookie is processed by our advertising partner, Orange Advertising Network, a division of France Telecom (public company with a capital of 10,426,692, 520 euros, Paris Trade & Companies' Register no. 380 129 866, registered office at 6 place d'Alleray, 75015 Paris, and domiciled for these purposes at 1, avenue Nelson Mandela, 94745 ARCUEIL).
2.5      Web Beacons
Web pages may sometimes contain an electronic file called a web beacon that allows a web site to count users who have visited that page or to access certain cookies
ViaMichelin inserts web beacons in emails which it sends in HTML format in order to monitor the number of messages which are opened and read.
Every electronic image displayed on a web page, especially the advertising banner, generally acts as a web beacon. Advertisers who advertise on ViaMichelin may use web beacons in their advertisements.
In particular when you see the following logo,
the Media Information Centre (CIM, Centre d’Information sur les Media), uses a cookie to gather information from the pages which you have consulted (number of requests for a page, visits, etc.). This information is gathered for purely statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify you. For more information or to consult the results published from this survey, click on the CIM logo or visit the CIM website at the following address:

2.6      SPAM
No unsolicited advertising e-mails will be sent to you without your prior agreement. If you wish to receive promotional information and offers by e-mail on ViaMichelin products and services, tick the relevant box in the registration form collecting the necessary information for access to ViaMichelin services.
Information about you is not passed on to third parties (sales partners, Michelin group companies), particularly for sales canvassing purposes, without your prior consent. If you wish to receive special offers from third parties by e-mail, tick the relevant box in the registration forms.
Please note however that ViaMichelin will transfer information held by us, including personal data, at the request of a legal authority or any other administrative authority empowered by the law seeking the transfer of such information in accordance with current legislation.
3. Term of retention - Right of access, modification, correction, deletion 
Personal data relating to you may be retained for a period not more than one year after our services were last activated by you.
Cookies may be deleted by configuration of your browser.
Under current French legislation (article 40 of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended by the law of 6 August 2004), you have the right to access, modify, correct and delete your personal data.
To exercise this right, simply write to us at the following address:
 Customer Services
110 Avenue Victor Hugo
92514 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex
We plan to develop this charter over time and undertake to do so in line with your needs and expectations.

We will therefore be happy to answer any questions or suggestions you might have concerning this charter, so do not hesitate to send us your comments in our "Contact Us" section.
For further questions: visit the footer of our website, we may have answered them already.
(v.2.0 – Oct.2009)