Pur' - Jean-François Rouquette
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Modern Cuisine
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Two contemporary restaurants at the Park Hyatt: Café Jeanne at lunchtime and Pur', a more intimate space, for a really enjoyable dinner. The latter is obviously in keeping with the spirit of the hotel on the rue de la Paix, where luxury is synonymous with refinement, modernity and discretion. Ed Tuttle designed the interior, creating an atmosphere that is both comfortable and private, with just 35 covers. Every last detail has been thought out: the colour palette, the lighting and the space itself. Here, Jean-François Rouquette (Taillevent, Le Crillon, La Cantine des Gourmets, Les Muses) has found a place worthy of expressing his talent in all its brilliance. There is finesse in the way he marries excellent produce in his creative and inspired cuisine. Pure delight!